Graces’ Podcast aims to document the conversations with different persons from diverse backgrounds in underscoring the reasons to how more youth or women from different sectors can venture into political leadership and pave way for a new future for our countries, our continent and world.

How it Happens

The ignited conversations encompass passions, education and work experience around political science, international relations, youth, digital economies, women, peace and security and governance issues. Inspired by the journey of the co-founder Grace Atuhaire, whose experience has been an activist who continues to be active in politics. Graces’ podcast is a platform that documents conversations with practitioners on political participation to be able to bridge the gap on how to encourage more young people, women to political leadership.

  1. Where are the youth in political participation, 
  2. What are the motivation and demotivation factors for political participation in Africa?
  3. What is the space for political participation for youth, young women, women and rural women? 
  4. What are the challenges faced by those who are participating in politics in Africa? How are they addressing the challenges?
  5. What initiatives exist that are supporting political participation of youth and women to bridge the existing gaps? 
  6. What are the initiatives that are offering capacity building? What methodology is informing them, the gaps and how to address them? 
  7. Why do we still have few youth and women political leaders?
  8. Which youth and women can navigate the finance cost of elections?
  9. What are opportunities for activists to participate in political leadership?
  10. Yes, we have women quotas, but what does it really mean for young women?
  11. Where are the rural women in political leadership?
  12. With continued bad governance all over the world, do our leaders care?